Raspberry Plants

Our Berry plants are sold as tissue culture plug plants, hardened off, with good root systems, ready to plant in prepared ground.


Because of the fragility of small plants, care will need to be taken to prevent exposure to frost and extreme weather conditions. Please check our planting guide for soil preparation and growing guidelines. It is recommended to pot your plants in potting mix if planting is to be delayed. Keep moist and apply a slow release fertilizer.


All plant prices include GST.


Orders of more than 100 plants per variety will need to fill out a Berry Plants Enquiry Form.  Large orders are propagated to order and this takes time to fulfil. Please place large orders from late Spring to early Autumn for Spring delivery. We do have some varieties available most of the year.


Products with a * next to the name are exclusive to RABA Members Only and cannot be purchassed through the shopping cart system. If you are a RABA Member please complete the form located on the Berry Plant Members Request Form Page to purchase these particular berries and we will get back to you as soon as possible